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~ welcome to my site ~

hello random person on the net (^_^)/ ! my name is aya. i made this site totally for the funsies & to pratice my html/css skills ! (im self-taught(?) if that matters). this sites url is named after the hebrew word for love (אהבה).. because this site is about talking about all the things i love !! i hope you enjoy everything here !!!! :333

my favorite things in the world are tally hall, bandori, & web design !!!!!

to do list !

  • make about me page

  • make writing page

  • update blog

  • work on tally hall shrine
  • updates

    5/18/23 - revamped the entire index page. welcome to ahava v.3!

    4/19/23 - I changed the site url from pirupi back to ahava. If u have my button on ur site pls update the url the button leads to!! I will eventually make new buttons

    3/26/23 - BLOG PAGE IS FINISHED!!! I posted my first blog post which yall should totally go read by the way

    3/25/23 - Added mutuals' buttons to the bottom of the screen!! If ur site isnt there either A. You dont have a button or I couldnt find it (Please lmk if i didnt add urs) B. For some weird reason I literally could not add your button. Sorrrrryyyy T_T

    3/23/23 - Shrine page (directory) is now finished! I'm putting off finishing the tallyring bc im lazy & i dont feel like customizing the CSS today. I also added more delulu stuff to the things i love with my whole heart section of this main page if u reallyreally wanna read that... anyways Goodnight.

    3/18/23 - Hey!!!!! Sorry for not updating... you know this part of the page for about 4 business days.. I have been making small updates hear & there but I guess they werent exactly significant enough to make an update thingy about. Anyways!!! The Tallyring is nearing completion.. i just need to edit the widget css to my liking & then we should be good! The index page for it is basically complete if you want to read about it but the members + widget code parts are still a wip.

    3/14/23 - I remade the not_found.html page cuz the last one looked a bit lame. It isnt hard to get to, just click one of the buttons for an unfinished page! hahahah... speaking of unfinished pages... i made a so you.. yes YOU! can decide which page i finish next. VOTE HERE TODAY!!!!

    3/13/23 - Resources page is 1000% finished ^_^!!!! Yay! I would update more today but i am TIIIIREDDDD Goodnight aya stannies :3

    3/12/23 - Stamp page is finished!!!1 Horray! Resources page is.. somewhat finished??? I just need to add the game & other bookmark pages & then it will be completed

    3/11/23 - Lots of updates! Removed the aya thing in the right spot on the screen (it was messing w the scrollboxes) & i replaced it with a CHATBOX!!! I also added my site buttons in the main box. I also added more about myself in the main box + so much more tiny updates

    3/10/23 - Giving the site a color revamp!!! Also changed the url from "ahava" to "pirupi". Changed the homepage layout completely (by that i mean i took the old abt me page, made it girly as hell and then copied and pasted the code from there to here & changed some stuff up)

    1/28/23 - Finished about me page, added updates thingy here loll

    buttons !

    visitors !